Staff Requirements:

At least 14 years of age.

  • We have an age limit set because we want to make sure our applicants are old enough and mature enough to handle various situations.

Must be a part of the Respawn community for at least 1 month.

  • One  of the main responsibilities of the moderation team is to help out players. Because of this, we require that all  staff members have a good understanding of the server.

Have a working and understandable microphone.

  • One  of the steps of the application process is coming into a Discord call  with the staff managers and doing a private interview to better understand who you are. Because of this, we require that all applicants  have a working and understandable microphone. This could be your headset, your phone, or maybe a webcam built into your laptop.

Able to contribute a few hours a week on Respawn.

  • The  moderation team would not work properly if none of the staff members  were active enough to accomplish its goals. While we aren't expecting  you to spend a crazy amount of time, we do expect that you are spending a few hours a week either in-game, or talking in the Respawn Discord server.

No major punishments within the last 30 days.

  • While we are completely fine if you got a mute or 2 for some minor  infraction, we ask that you may not have any punishments longer than a week issued within the past month of submitting your moderation  application.

Have a Discord account you use actively.

  • As  stated above, all of our staff members are required to have a Discord  account. This is mainly because our main platform for communication is  within our private staff Discord server. Communication is key for a successful team so it is extremely important that you are quite active  on our Discord servers to be considered for the staff team.

Must be  VIP rank or higher.

  • You must be VIP or higher to become a Helper on Respawn, we do this to filter out thousands of applications and it shows who truly supports Respawn.

Discord  accounts should also have two-factor authentication enabled as it adds  that extra step of security to your discord account to help prevent malicious actions against you, the community, or the staff team.

Application Guidelines:

  • Do not harass or ask any staff members to read or look at your application. It will be instantly denied.
  • Your application has to be 100% honest and lying in your application will result in an instant denial.
  • If you're punished while your application is being reviewed, it will be denied depending on the severity of the infraction.

If  you do get your application accepted, you're not allowed to share your results until you receive your final verdict of joining the staff team.

When submitting your application you agree to the terms listed above and meet all the requirements.